current project

1 hour, 31 minutes

Currently I am reconsidering what is intimated when we indict the lizard brain. I am beginning to reach for different ways of touching our reptilian impulse, wondering if lizards offer secrets about the contemporary human more so than domineering industrial culture uncans on our behalf. Though preferring to act without words, can the reptilian claw out advice on navigating the deluge of this current moment?

This interest germinated from an unnamable thump in my gut when I saw an image of a dancer moving under a famous shadow. It rooted this summer in Chicago on Kinzie Street while getting to know a wall of Hedera helix. It’s been fed by post-Irma reporting on alligators dwelling under toxic flood waters. And it persists, as long as debates pool over the cognitive fitness of key world leaders and inspire the question of my own mental state.

The first installment of these explorations will be shown in Virginia at the start of 2018.