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Receiving Line
public gesture
1 Hour

Conceived and organized in collaboration with Lani Asuncion, Ifeanyi Awachie, John Edmonds, David Livingston, Jason Noushin, Nick Pfaff and Petra Szilagyi through a workshop led by Tania Bruguera with support from Sarah Fritchey and Artspace New Haven.

Performed on October 29, 2015, the opening night of Artspace's 30th Anniversary Exhibition at the New Haven Museum, over one hundred members of New Haven--artists, students, refugees, immigrants, people experiencing homelessness, families and others, as well as visitors joining on the spot--assembled along the sidewalk leading up to the museum doors. Invitees to the receptions’ afterparty, mostly gallery patrons, passed through our line and met the eyes of their neighbors and offered their extended hands.